Meet Your High Performance Team

Kris Langworthy

High Performance Consultant

After 20+ years of experience of working with people in all ages and stages of life, I am firmly convinced that building people and promoting positive working relationships is a strategic key to all personal and professional success. As a Nurse Instructor, Nurse Manager, Employee Chaplain, Life Coach and Business Owner, I have gleaned a vast array of leadership, management, coaching and training experience and expertise.

I am excited to be a part of a team that helps business owners create and promote award winning cultures for their employees through a series of innovative processes, individualized to the business’ particular goals and objectives. I am committed to creating and facilitating memorable and enjoyable learning opportunities for my clients.

The team at VISIONONE believes there is tremendous economic impact in helping lower mid-market businesses succeed. As an Organizational Value Growth and M&A Advisory firm, we help these businesses navigate through critical transitions, such as transitioning to the next generation of leadership, selling their business, or acquiring add-on businesses, thus increasing their overall performance, enterprise value, and peace of mind.

VISIONONE SERVICES include an integrated set of solutions and experienced professionals who focus on helping Business Owners to successfully navigate through maximizing value within their organization, effectively transitioning (buying and selling), successfully integrating, and leaving a legacy.

The UNDERLYING DIFFERENTIATOR at VISIONONE is that we have developed an integrated process that fosters a culture of high performance and growth by helping organizations to focus their direction, align their structure, enable their workforce, and drive change that is relevant to their key stakeholders and marketplace. This process focuses on developing the next generation of leadership throughout each stage of the organization’s life cycle.

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