According to studies, 70-80% of all M&A integrations fail to meet stakeholder expectations.

This failure is primarily due to misaligned cultures and little or no integration planning. We partner with business owners before, during, and after a transaction using our culture assessment tools to identity synergies, potential tensions, and gap areas. Our integrated acculturation process ensures e ective alignment of key value drivers including cultural alignment, workforce engagement, and system/process alignment.

Who is this for?

Private, mid-market companies looking to merge, be acquired, or acquire an add-on business, and larger companies who desire successful integrations.

Where are you today?

  • Do you understand your own culture type, attributes, strengths and challenges that may enhance or hinder the integration of an acquisition or sale?
  • Do you understand the culture type, attributes and strengths of the buyer, investor, or target acquisition that would add the most value to your organization?
  • Have you uncovered the cultural challenges to avoid and key integration gaps that would impact company performance, engagement, and customer satisfaction, post transaction?
  • Have you identified the best acculturation strategy to drive value post transaction?
  • As a seller, have you considered your buyer/investor’s integration strategy as an integral part of your earnout potential?

We can help.

Case Study: Integration

Successfully integrating four companies with different cultures and operating systems

VisionOne was referred by another value growth consultant to help integrate four separately run companies, with a combined total of about $120 million in annual revenues, into one centralized organization. While all four companies were from the same geographic region and produced adjacent products and services, the cultures and operating systems were very different. Also, each company delivered a different type of value to their customers and was at a different level of maturity within their organizational life cycles.

The VisionOne Solution:

  • Assessed the cultures of each of the organizations to understand their individual customer value propositions,
    cultural value drivers, and acculturation gaps.
  • Determined the four cultures were very different and would drive more value through retaining separate operations,
    while centralizing some key strategic areas of the business.
  • Created Office of Strategic Management, centralizing growth, shared services, and acquisitions.
  • Worked with one of the high growth companies to transition from an entrepreneurial stage to a
    professionally managed stage of development in order to accelerate growth.


The culture assessment uncovered several key cultural differences that would have eroded value if the four companies had merged. Instead, the family of companies leveraged the strengths of each company to serve their collective group of customers individually. They were able to focus their resources on growing one of the four companies, resulting in double digit growth. Additionally, they successfully transitioned leadership to the next generation.

“VisionOne saved us time and resources by helping us to realize that we would be better off leveraging the individual uniqueness of our four companies,
rather than integrating them.”

– Chairman of the Board, Family of Companies

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