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You started your business with a vision in mind, and have worked hard to make that vision a reality. We understand that the path you’ve chosen is not always straight, and that you’ve encountered challenges along the way. Whether you’re managing stakeholder conflict, desiring to increase value, dealing with unmet expectations, or a moment where you feel stuck, we can help.

Guiding you through a challenging landscape.

Over the next two decades, there will be 10 trillion dollars of wealth transferred as business owners enter their retirement years and start to sell.

“Unlocking this wealth in a business is or should be of paramount importance to all business owners if for no other reason than that 80–90 percent of most owners’ financial assets are bound up in the business itself. The ability to monetize this wealth at some point will have a significant impact on the owner’s financial security and lifestyle once he or she exits the business. Failure to provide for the continuity of the business affects not only the owner’s personal wealth and that of his or her family, but that of all other stakeholders who depend on the business’s successful transition.”

– The State of Owner Readiness Market Study, The Exit Planning Institute

The Problem

A critical economic, business value, and personal legacy gap

Source: Forbes, 2015; 2015 Pepperdine Private Capital Report; Christensen, Alton, Rising, and Waldeck, 2011; 2013 EBRI Retirement Confidence Survey

According to studies, less than 5% of businesses will obtain a
successful transfer, leading to market inefficiency,
decreased business values, and a personal legacy gap.

Beside you to navigate critical transitions.
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The Solution

Leveraging Our Core to Impact the Problem

With solutions focused on small to mid-sized businesses, we specialize in helping owners prepare for the future and navigate critical events including next-level growth, buying or selling, merging businesses, or leadership transitions. Our proven process uses tools and resources that move quickly past the symptoms of a business challenge to focus on the true root causes. Identifying those causes, we work beside our clients at every stage in their business life-cycle to maximize value, improve performance, and prepare for future transitions.

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Make it last.
Make it matter.

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