Are you on track to make your vision a reality in 2024?

At VisionOne, we have consolidated our team’s 20+ years of consulting experience helping our clients into an adaptable, proven toolkit for effectively executing strategy. We are launching a weeklong workshop to help you tune up your game plan for 2024 and help ensure you’re on track to turn it into a reality by the end of the year.

Does strategy feel like an extra “chore” getting less and less attention?

You’re not alone. Harvard Business School reports that 48% of leaders spend less than one day per month discussing strategy. And Enterprise Minnesota notes that less than 50% of surveyed organizations have a formal and current strategic plan. That number is trending downward even as we are all facing increased challenges with navigating this rapidly changing world around us.

Does executing on strategic goals seem disconnected from everyday realities?

We all know that setting goals is an important key to success. But we are also painfully aware of how often those goals aren’t met. A study from the Economist has shown that 90% of companies didn’t reach all their strategic goals for the year. And HBS goes on to state that less than 50% of organizations meet even half of their strategic targets.

We understand the challenges of planning and executing in the real world.

You don’t have time to waste. And you need real results.

So, we’ve designed this program to help make sure you are on the right track and effectively moving towards where you want to be.


Accessible Instruction

Log in for easy access to the live sessions and the supporting resources online, wherever you are.

Sessions will be recorded so you will have access to them during and after the course.

Proven Toolkit

Utilize the resources and tools that VisionOne has collected and refined over the past 20 years.

We’ve seen what works (and what doesn’t) while partnering with our clients to help them achieve their goals.

Adaptable Framework

Every situation is a little different.

Our approach to strategy is designed to be interactive and adaptable. It helps you create a viable plan that accommodates your situation along with the work and systems you already have in place.

What Our Clients Say

VisionOne has had the privilege of working with some great clients over the years. More than 95% of our clients stick around and partner with us for ongoing support, many of them for multiple years. We become part of their team and are always excited to see them making their vision become a reality.

Here are a couple recent examples:

VisionOne helped get us talking together on a team so we could all get on the same page and work towards a common goal. Together we developed a written strategic plan for our organization and got the people and strategies in place to deliver on that plan in the coming years.

Teran Doerr – Executive Director, Bowman County Development Corporation

VisionOne helped us set the vision of where we’re going, provided tools to help get there, and helped us mature the organization as we went along.

Brian P. Johnson – Chief Banking Officer, Choice Bank

About This Course

This course will help you objectively assess your organization’s unique situation, identify the highest priority area(s) to work on, and give you tools to help deliver the desired results in 2024.

What You’ll Learn

Day 1: Core Concepts for Effectively Executing Strategy
Day 2: Ensuring a Strong Foundation
Day 3: Leveraging Organizational Alignment
Day 4: Framing an Effective Plan
Day 5: Executing the Plan and Achieving Results

Course Structure

Attend a 1-hour virtual class that will be a mix of training and interactive class discussion with an emphasis on application.

After each class session, you’re invited to stay on for an additional 30 minutes for any further questions on the content or its application.

Each lesson has an optional homework assignment offered to help you engage with the material and apply it to your own situation.

Who is this Course For?

Whether you’ve got a well-developed strategic plan or only a rough outline of goals for the year, this program will help you look at the big picture, identify the priorities to address, and help you build a plan for next steps.

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

If you’re steering a startup or a small business and are looking to establish a clear, actionable path for growth and success, this bootcamp is your stepping stone. Learn to create a vision that aligns with your business goals and discover how to turn that vision into reality.

Managers & Leaders

Charged with the responsibility of driving teams and initiatives? Enhance your skills in strategic planning and execution to lead your teams more effectively in alignment with the overall business strategy.

Change Makers & Innovators

If you’re someone who is constantly thinking about how to improve processes, systems, or organizations, this bootcamp will provide you with the frameworks to channel your ideas into structured, strategic actions.

Course Details & Registration

Course Format

Virtual (Delivered via Zoom)
Five 1-hour sessions (Mon – Fri) with the option to stay on for additional Q&A discussion.

Date & Time

12-1pm CST (Daily)
February 5-9, 2024


$299 Per Person
$199 before January 26th


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About the Instructor

Justin Horton is a Senior Consultant with VisionOne focusing on the areas of Business Strategy and Value Growth.

Justin has a background in strategy and innovation and helps organizations adapt and recreate themselves in a rapidly evolving world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any prerequisites?

No, but basic understanding of business operations is beneficial.

Is the course entirely online?

Yes. The live / interactive portion will be conducted via Zoom. The supporting resources will also be online and available on demand.

What if I cannot attend one of the sessions live?

The course has been specifically designed to be live / interactive to support better understanding of and the application of the tools and concepts. You will get a lot more from the class by being part of the live discussion. Having said that, we also understand that things can come up. The sessions will be recorded and available online to review.

Will there be homework assignments?

Each session will have an optional homework component. These assignments are not mandatory, but they help apply the material to your specific situation and will make the training and discussions more valuable for you.

What comes after this workshop?

That’s entirely up to you. The course materials are yours to keep and use if you’d prefer to take a DIY approach. Depending on interest, we are also considering launching a monthly roundtable to work through the process of application as a group. Additionally, VisionOne is available to provide direct coaching and consulting as needed.

Other questions?

Please ask!

We can help you grow and maximize your value.