Meet Your High Performance Team

Scott Ward

Senior Value Growth Consultant

If you don’t have a strong succession plan, I can lead your small- or medium-sized business out of its rut or downward spiral. Perhaps you’re getting ready to retire and you don’t have a leader for next era. Simple changes can engage your employees and create increased productivity. I’ve proven it in small and large organizations. I drive ownership thinking–everyone thinks like an owner–and discover where best practices–like Open Book Management, Lean, Theory of Constraints, Six Sigma–can advance the enterprise and employee engagement, by driving change from the top…’they’ won’t change until ‘you’ change.

A good day is when a cross-functional team, after much discussion and sharing of perspectives, has an “ah-hah!” moment that creatively takes us to new performance levels.

Most people dread the Monday morning alarm clock. I transform corporate cultures through simple methods (e.g. starting meetings on time to show respect) and focus on achievements using world-class techniques so that people would rather be at work. (I’ve had employees say that.) They have a high sense of accomplishment and contribution. They are motivated by making progress, being empowered, working together and focusing their talents and strengths on value-added work rather than time-wasting, unimportant busy-work.

I’ve written a couple of eBooks: “Servant Leadership Practice”, “PhD in Leadership” and “Guerrilla Change” available on Barnes & Noble and Amazon. I’ve taught Lean, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, Open Book Management, Servant Leadership, Employee Engagement achieving transformation and turnaround.

Specialties: Growth strategies for manufacturing companies, structuring value propositions for partnering with customers, developing teams to think like owners

  • Growth strategies for manufacturing companies, structuring value propositions for partnering with customers
  • Lead companies out of downward spirals. Capture sales opportunities and engage entire team in high performance
  • Fractional or Interim CEO, COO

Forming Trusted Advisor Groups that help business leaders grow spiritually and transform their business and personal life.

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